We will save you thousands $$$ We absolutely guarantee it.

We guarantee, in writing, to save you at least $2,000 from either the list price of the home, or from future moving, closing, or renovation costs.

Once we sign the buyer agency form, we can provide you with a written guarantee that we will save you at least $2,000 on the purchase of your next property or I will refund this amount to you out of my commission earned, up to a maximum of the commission earned.

We want our relationship to benefit you. Usually this savings will be earned by getting the home for at least $2,000 than the purchase price, however we can also save you in other ways such as reduced legal fees, reduced moving costs, reduced renovation costs, or reduced mortgage interest rates.

We know that there are lots of Realtor’s to choose from, so why not chose a team that will put money or value into your pocket.